Thank you for showing interest in a great organization! Our desire to always achieve the best, combined with years of experience in employment readiness and preparedness, will give you an insight into how the North American job market functions. More specifically, we at SANDS Counsultancy have direct experience acclimatizing foreign-trained professionals to the Canadian job market.

Presently, we offer the service of reformatting résumés (curriculum vitae) to a more Canadianized standard for foreign-trained professionals. Past experience includes reformatting résumés of senior engineers (Chemical, Civil, Mechanical, etc.), accountants, IT experts and other skilled professionals.

Here at Sands Counsultancy, we set very high customer standards and make a concerted attempt at replying to each and every enquiry promptly. Our goal is to have a reply by three business days to all enquiries and a completed résumé by five business days from submission of all information.

A reminder that the résumé is just ONE tool in the process of obtaining employment. There are several other factors such as accreditation by Canadian and/or American professional bodies, interview skills, and personal presentation. At present, SANDS Counsultancy offers the service of résumé reformatting only. However, we will look at expanding our services into other essential areas of a job search on an ongoing basis.


Professionals (i.e. Bankers, Financial Advisors, Accountants) – 80 US$

Computer/IT/Tech/Science Specialists (including Engineers) – 100 US$

Please note that there is a maximum of six (6) pages per submission. Any additional pages woull be subject to a fee of 40 US$ per page (all prices are in United States’ dollars).


To contact our office regarding services for professionals, please use the following email address: